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Burlesque on High



Seraphina Fiero:

 Pronouns: she/her

 Seraphina is the most untamed heart in Seattle Burlesque; a professional contrarian and purveyor of subversive creativity. A chimera of hyper-feminine physicality, irreverent elegance, and pure ferocity; she is a burlesque performer with roots in bellydance and beyond. She has been performing, teaching, and celebrating dynamic self-expression across North America since 2009.

She is the "Fiero" in IvaFiero Productions; curators of Relentless entertainment since 2012.

While Seraphina has no specific style, she has a flair for the unconventional, unexpected, and dark. She is ecstasy and anarchy . . . . and never offers any apologies.


NypLeigh1 P.C. Nyk Fury (1).jpeg

Nyp Leigh

 Pronouns: Nyp Leigh uses She/Her pronouns (anami prefers ey/em but is not upset by any use of any pronouns for em.)

Nyp Leigh has been wowing burlesque audiences of the Olympic Peninsula and beyond since 2009. Her inventive acts often include poignant social messages, sometimes have creative inventions and always have duct tape somewhere in their composition. You may have seen her or her alter ego, anami, in a variety of circus and fire performances around town. Perhaps you have even had your fortune read portable tarot parlor that magically appears downtown in the summer. Now you can get your motor running with her LIVE online pinup show Dirty Girl Repair .com every Monday evening at 6PM.



Pronouns: She, her
This seductive siren spends her time near the shores of the Salish sea looking for hapless sailors and fisherman to lure back to her lair with promises of fulfilling their every fantasy but Be warned gentlemen, this damsel's distress call is an illusion that you won't ever recover from.



Aleksandra Mistress of Fusion

 Pronouns: she/her

 Aleksandra is the Mistress of Fusion! She is the Burlesque monthly show producer at The Castle, dance instructor, and diverse performer of over 8 yrs; performing in 9 states, 47 different venues, and over a hundred performances coast to coast. With a dance background in belly dance, modern, hip hop, and burlesque, Aleksandra brings her Slavic swoon and high energy everytime she hits the stage!

Earlier Event: April 13
Comedy in The Castle
Later Event: April 25
Silent Reading Evening