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Menagerie, A Castle Cabaret!


Lacy Knickers

Filled with vintage class and naughty sass is the international Bookish Beauty of Burlesque-- the lovely Lacy Knickers! Lacy is a graduate of both the Rose City School of Burlesque and All That Glitters Burlesque Academy in Portland, Oregon. She is the producer of the Pacific Northwest's sexiest literary salon, Booklover’s Burlesque, as well as MasterTease Theatre Burlesque, Burly Night Live, Tease As Old As Time: A Burlesque Tale Inspired by Beauty & the Beast, The Burlesque Over Broadway Spectacular,  Glitter Fever: A Burlesque Tribute to Disco, and Phantom Burlesque: A Tribute to Phantom of the Opera. She also portrays the debonair draglesque persona, Nick Lacy.


For over five years, Lacy has performed up and down the west coast in Oregon, Washington, and California, appeared in both the 2016 Oregon Burlesque Festival and the 2017 Hollywood Burlesque Festival, and most recently last November 2018 at the Wunder Kabarett in Paris, France, where she will be returning again to headline this July. Her next production is Booklover's Burlesque: As You Tease It (The 3rd annual Shakespeare Edition) on May 31st at Crush Bar in Portland, Oregon.


Professor DR Schreiber

As the Historical Conjurer, Professor DR Schreiber evokes the spirit of early magical performances.  Professor DR Schreiber brings parlor magic back to the public. Early in the 19th century, conjuring (as magic was called then) emerged as a genuine art form and entertainment.  Magicians, known as “professors of natural philosophy" and conjuring, would rent taverns, legitimate theaters or lecture halls for the exhibition and displays of legerdemain, necromancy, or what would today be called “illusion” and “magic tricks.”  Top dollar would be paid by the citizens of Europe to see the latest discoveries in the science of “natural philosophy” presented by these conjurers. Today, Professor DR Schreiber presents an historic look at the beginnings of modern magic in his performances and exhibitions.  Professor DR Schreiber leads his audiences on a stroll through the past centuries of conjuring entertainment. His unique presentations entertain while educating the audience about historical events, literary and cultural figures, and the science and art of conjuring.


Professor DR Schreiber is a member of the Academy of Magic Arts (Magic Castle) and board member for the Society of American Magicians Portland Assembly.   In 2011, Professor DR Schreiber was presented with the Stan Kramien Excellence in Stage Magic Award from the Society of American Magicians Portland Assembly.  He has performed and lectured for conferences and events up and down the West Coast, in addition to the UK and Europe. He is also an instructor in magic as well as a magic consultant for legitimate theater companies.  He is also a magic historian and historical re-enactor, as well.


Felix has been touring the country in a donkey drawn wagon since he was a just a bright young man. After facing great and unspeakable tragedy in his youth, he has taken it upon himself to bring salvation of person, spirit and humor everywhere he goes. Many years on the dusty carnival circuit has taken a toll while paving the way for experience , knowledge and maybe even a touch of wisdom.. A true renaissance man, Felix is not only  performer but a writer and philosopher an inventor and a chemist. He’s the cure for all that ails you, with a trick or two up his sleeve to boot. Just make sure you keep a hand on your wallet and your mind on your wife’s attention!


Lola Lazer

Lola Lazer is the musical combination of rrriot girl mentality and jazz background of multi media artist (ceramics, mixed media collage, music videos, interviews) Leila Block.

Work on YouTube: Lola Lazer and Art Vs the World


Shula Azhar

Shula Azhar has been performing together for 23 years.  With the founding members still learning, inspiring and creating together, they have achieved a level of performance expertise that has earned them high praise from peers and audiences alike.  Always aiming to entertain while demonstrating the highest level of technique and artistry, Shula Azhar is a dance troupe not to be missed.

Earlier Event: May 11
Comedy at The Castle
Later Event: May 23
Silent Reading Evening